My Office




I had every intention of starting off the year posting regularly. Then life hit its full stride and I got buried, literally, under mounds of paperwork.  I’m still digging out.

Does this happen to anyone else? I’m pretty sure it does.

It doesn’t help that I’d rather be doing something crafty instead of tackling this mess.

I do have to periodically sit down and wade through the piles, make sure everything is filed properly and so forth. My appointments, schedule and important deadlines live in my FranklinCovey planner, so I generally keep on top of those. It helps that I’ve been using a planner of some sort since 1989.

Still, If I’m ever behind in posting again, it may be because I’m digging out, or it may be because I’m off doing This ⬇️
Journaling reads:

Kayaking on the River for “date” day was so much fun! We packed an easy lunch to eat while in the middle of the river next to each other. It was quiet and when we drifted next to each other we could talk. It was a different date than our usual ones, and it made it special.

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