The Best Laid Plans



I had intended to post on Memorial Day about part of our summertime game plan.

Instead I found my family packing up to race across country–in hopes of saying goodbye to our beloved Grandmother.

She was a powerhouse of faith, service and spirituality.  We will miss her tremendously.

We knew we might not make it in time, so on Sunday we recorded individual messages to be played to her.  They say hearing is the last to go, and we hoped by recording the messages, they could be played for her in moments when she seemed to have more awareness.  My father-in-law thinks she heard them on some level.  He played Lawboy’s recording twice to make sure she heard his heartfelt thanks to his grandmother for getting him into music (she was his first piano teacher).

This has been a rough week for all of us.

I am grateful to know of God’s Plan of Salvation.  I am grateful to know that because of Christ, every one of us can live again.  I am grateful to know that family relationships do not have to end at “Death do us part”.  If you want to know more about how I know this, please contact me.  This knowledge brings me comfort.

I will try and get back on track next week.  I have several drafts in the works, but right now we need a little more time.

Hug your loved ones tightly.  I know I am.

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