Cub Scout Crafting


I spent the last week volunteering at Cub Scout Day Camp.  Acroboy is in his last year of Cub Scouts as a Webelo.

The crafts weren’t too hard for the most part, but when you are trying to teach several groups of boys of varying abilities and ages, it can become tricky.  The first craft we made were covered wagons from kits.  The wagon tongues were particularly tricky to attach.  We learned through trial and error to attach the wagon tongue to the axles before we added the wheels. A little wood glue to reinforce the bond is best too.

Cub wagons.jpg

The intent was to have the boys race them when all was said and done.

We also made ice candles.  We had the boys layer ice around a wick in a Styrofoam cup and then we poured hot wax over them.

Those were the instructions I was given and I followed.  I have never really made candles before, so I didn’t know any better.

When we got home I peeled away the sides of the cup to reveal the candle.  I pulled it out and got this.

In retrospect, we should have poured some wax around the wicks, let them harden, and then added ice over the wax base.  Live and learn I guess.

This one would have to qualify as a crafting fail.

I wish you better luck in your craft endeavors.

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