Digital Scrapbooking-Project Life Page

I’m late in posting this, but let’s pretend it actually came out on Saturday…

One of my favorite crafting endeavors is to digitally scrapbook.  I have been scrapbooking in some form for a long time.  I started way back when we had to go to specialty stores to get acid free paper.  Mrs. Grossman’s stickers were the only acid-free stickers you could use.  Then we got diecuts and wavy rulers.  These were followed by specialty edge scissors and punches.  Creative Memories, stamping titles and images were things I tried.  The styles have changed back and forth between simple photo-based scrapbooks, to elaborate creations.  I know now I prefer simple scrapbooks where my photos and journaling tell the main story, and any embellishments enhance the message–not take away from it.

I enjoyed working with my hands.  I enjoyed the camaraderie with fellow scrapers when I went to a crop.  I was always hopelessly behind though, and I’d get discouraged because it took so long to set up my supplies, find what I wanted and finish a page.  With little kids I had very little time, and I couldn’t afford to leave things out in a partial state.  I’d either forget what I was working on, or my children decided to add their contributions.  (I tried to set them up at their own station with their own supplies and photos, but it never really clicked with them.  Whatever I was doing was always more interesting.)

About 9 years ago I discovered digital scrapbooking.  I love it!  I can get so many more books into the same space my physical albums used to take up.  I can reprint them for each of my children (instead of trying to create multiple copies of the same spread).  And bonus!  I don’t have a mess to sort through and clean up each time I want to scrap.

My scrapbooking has really taken off with the advent of the Project Life App and others like Over, Touch-Retouch, Adobe Photoshop Mix, Moldiv, etc.  I still like to keep my layouts simple and focused on the story, and all of these tools help me do it so quickly and easily.  It also helps my scrapbooking ADD.  I can pick and choose many different events to work on based upon the available photos on my phone.  I can also scrap anywhere as long as I’ve got power.  I’ve scrapped on plane rides, in doctors offices, waiting for lessons to finish, at the dentist, and in the car (passenger seat only).  From time to time I’ll be sharing these layouts.

Today’s layouts:

Perhaps I’ve given you some food for thought today.  In the future, I’ll be posting some great digital resources.  Until then, happy crafting!

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