Just When You Think You’re Gaining Traction…

Just when you think you’re gaining traction, you find out it’s 95% likely that you’ll move.

To another state.

Into a smaller home.

And school is starting soon.

I still have plenty of posts planned for the future.  And if I can manage it, I’ll continue my putting up Throwback Thursday posts for new content for you (my readers) to peruse.  The nature of this change means that for the next two months, my attention has to be on getting my family ready for this move.  Transitions and change can be tricky for anyone, but especially kids on the Autism Spectrum.  We’ve already had one meltdown over this move.

Hang in there with me please.  I’ll try to post as I am able.   My plan to declutter my home this fall has been moved up in timeline and condensed.  I still have my scouting responsibilities, and I’m trying to wrap up my commitments and responsibilities with everything else we do.

Oh, and BabyGirl got the common childhood illness of pinworms.  So now I have to change and wash bedding on a daily basis as well as sanitize my home.  Joy oh joy.

Wish me luck!



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