Juggling. And Then Dropping the Ball (or Two or Three)

Photo credit: https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-mathematics-of-juggling-20170524/

I didn’t realize how dependent I am on my planner until I was without the first two+ weeks of the year. The one I ordered finally came yesterday after a shipping snafu. I had a small paper January calendar where I could keep track of big things like appointments, but the daily place to write down didn’t exist. I tried using a piece of notebook paper to keep a running list, but it just wasn’t the same and I dropped several balls.

To be fair, it’s been pretty busy here. For one, BabyGirl has cavities. Four of them. Technically I should say had cavities. We’ve been to the dentist twice in the last week to get them taken care of. The first two were done a week ago and she bit her cheek quite a bit while it was numb. This resulted in a swollen cheek for several days and a visit to the doctor to make sure the puffy, white spots on that cheek were not an abscess. They weren’t, but it was so bad her teacher at school was emailing me and sent her to the school nurse. The appointments more or less took up two and a half days of time. Today we had visit number two and after talking to the dentist about the problems we had, they at least gave us those cotton rolls you can put inside your cheek. She mostly held that in-between her teeth, and she’s doing much better tonight.

Then it’s re-chartering time for the Boy Scouts. Being the Committee Chair means the job falls to me. I get to harass people until they’ve either completed Youth Protection training or their applications. Not so much fun. I’ve also got to plan for our committee meeting and several Boards of Review for rank advancement.

Our move is in a weird limbo, where we don’t know what the timing will be. This means we’ve got auditions for activities like chorus, school plays, county concerts, etc. This has taken up a surprising number of Saturdays. At this point I suspect we’ll be here until the end of the school year.

Whirlwind had a consult regarding his wisdom teeth which are coming in. And after three intensive days, he FINALLY finished his college essays for two schools with a February 1 deadline. It was mentally exhausting. We had a lot of debating on how much he should write about his Aspergers and ADHD. In the end he talked about his efforts to learn to focus without ADHD medication in two essays and why he felt his Aspergers was an advantage in one of those.

The balls I dropped? Getting a new passport for Whirlwind, completing medical forms for Acroboy, paying a couple of bills I had forgotten about until a final notice came, making two different doctors appointments for Princess Ballerina and myself, and making an appointment to color my gray roots to name just a few. As I catch up with my planner I am sure I will continue to find more things I’ve forgotten. I’m going to remember DONE is better than perfect and keep pressing forward. Things may not have gotten done in a timely manner, but I’m going to get them off my list one item at a time.

Side note: the picture link leads to an oddly interesting article about the mathematics of juggling. Who knew?

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