Waiting and Waiting…

January was a busy month for us. I worked extensively with Whirlwind as he finished and revised the last of his college application essays. It was exhausting at times. Truly exhausting-mentally and physically.

At the same time I feel truly blessed. Whirlwind is functioning enough I believe he will be able to go to college and in a state far away like Firstborn. He wants to be an engineer, and I believe he has the drive And skills to do so. My dear friend has a different situation with her son. He is in honors classes and plays sports, but she spends hours encouraging him to get homework done, following up on what he has done, and communicating with teachers. I want to be clear she does NOT do his work. She will make him revise something again and again, and works extensively with him because of his dysgraphia. She has so much patience. She also knows all this effort is not sustainable.

Her son is looking at trade school of some sort for his future. He is a big, strong kid and loves to be outdoors. He is an Eagle Scout and has amazing insights when you talk to him. College may not be in his cards, but I still believe he has a bright future.

In any case, we now have to wait and see. Wish us luck!

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