Throwback Thursday—Moving Update

Throw Back Thursday is a bit different this week. I thought this had been scheduled to post in the fall….and it didn’t. So here it is today. Enjoy.


November 16, 2017

We haven’t moved yet.

It was nearly Halloween before the relocation company got us a realtor.

Add to that the paint job that was supposed to take four weeks with two guys turned into almost two months. This meant we didn’t have a weekend to go house hunting because we needed to be here for the painters. Then suddenly it’s one week until Thanksgiving.

By this time the kids had to commit to holiday and winter concerts, and we noticed houses were just disappearing off the market. Probably their owners pulled them for the holidays.

We decided to look after the new year.

At this point Whirlwind has one semester left until graduation. I suspect we won’t physically move until after he graduates. I really hate to leave with one semester to go. He was the most upset. The rest of the gang has resigned themselves into quiet acceptance. Princess Ballerina is frustrated with her dance studio and wants to move so we can find her another really good studio. (She’s at the best studio in town right now, but there are favorites and political games people play, and she just wants to dance).

I actually recorded a video of the house in the midst of painting. If I can figure out how to edit and post it I will.

Until then, have a great day.

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