Windy City Here We Come…

This last week I accompanied Lawboy as a chaperone on his school’s orchestra/band trip to Chicago. I’ve been to Chicago a few times before, and the city never fails to make me happy. I love, LOVE, the variety and quality of food there. I love the museums, the cultures, and the architecture. I love the crazy history and the fact they turn the river green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Lawboy was too young to remember much of the the city the last time we visited there. He definitely appreciated it now. At the end of the trip he said, “We need to do this whole trip again, only slower!”

We hit quite a few highlights during our time there–some things we did were new for me, like the Museum of Contemporary Art and Chicago 360 with the Tilt over the city. Other things we saw like the Museum of Science and Industry and Field Museum were old friends. All in all it was a great balance for me, and excitingly new for him. I’m going to paste some of my favorite photos here as well as on my Instagram account.

Lawboy did well with the trip. The last time we had an orchestra trip he spent a lot of time with me and was rather unsure of himself. This time he had a lot more confidence. He has come a long way on learning to filter and not blurt out what he is thinking. He even spent a good portion of the trip flirting (appropriately!) with girls. He’s stretching his wings for sure, and I’m proud of him.

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