Happy Good Friday, Happy Passover, and Happy Easter!

For me, Spring always brings a sense of renewal and hope as we begin to sees trees and flowers awakening after a long, cold winter. This time of year our family celebrates Easter. We try to do any fun stuff (egg hunts, candy) on Saturday and leave Sunday to focus on the meaning of the holiday.

This last year was rough. We lost my mother-in-law and I loved her as much as my I love my own mother. It was an unexpected reminder of how short this mortal life is. It was definitely the catalyst to spend more time saying yes to my children-especially when it comes to play. It was the spur I needed to call my own mom and dad on a more frequent basis. In the end, I have hope because of what Jesus Christ did for all of us. I believe in heaven, and I believe families can be eternal. I have hope #BECAUSEofHIM

Enjoy your weekend. I’m going to be celebrating Easter and listening to great counsel during General Conference at LDS.org.


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