Just a reminder…and more

I haven’t been posting on this site for a while, because I’ve been developing 8 Busy Bees-the newer more inclusive version of this site.

I did a lot of brainstorming and soul searching. In discussing my goals for blogging with others, I realized a lot of things I advocate for on this blog apply to special needs families of all sorts–not just Autism spectrum. I want to help families of all sorts who face extra challenges. To that end, while I love 123-autism, I feel 8 Busy Bees: Raising Special Needs Kids-Crafting Inner Peace is more inclusive. For instance, my latest post on 8 Busy Bees is about preparing you (if you’re the parent) and your special needs child for summer camps. I included examples from the Autism Spectrum as well as one from a mom of a girl with juvenile diabetes. The same preparations apply (doing your research, starting small, etc).

I hope you head over there to check things out and sign up for my email list. So far the only emails I’ve sent out are to announce new blog posts–much like the follow button here. At some point I’ll give you the option to receive newsletters if you’d like when I start writing them.

Also, I’ll soon be putting up a redirect on my site here, and I wanted to give you a heads-up I would be doing so to avoid any surprises.

Thank you for supporting me in this journey so far. I hope to see you soon at 8 Busy Bees and/or on my social media sites. Thank you and have a “bee”-utiful day!

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